My 3 days visit to Brussels was spectacular. I have compiled a guide through the erotic origins of Brussels. Brussels is a region of Belgium. It is famous for its chocolate, museums, beautiful parks and architecture. The city sighting can be started with the hop on hop off bus, the ticket is 25 Euro … Continue reading BRUSSELS In 3 Days


Autumn Story

The Autumn story. That’s the title that came in my mind to add into my diary when I was capturing every moment of the nature. Everywhere I turned, it’s autumn colour. The breeze and the bristling leaves made me fall in love. I wish I can pause the season and dwell the moment. It was … Continue reading Autumn Story

Activities To Do On A Long-Haul Flight

  To enjoy the flying experience, I have my flight essential activities to keep me occupied. Everyone has their individual entertainment needs, mine is as below. Usually sleeping is nearly impossible for me and I have tolerance of maximum 2 movies on a long hour flight.  I discovered a scheduled air time plan makes my … Continue reading Activities To Do On A Long-Haul Flight

3-Day Smoothie Challenge

"Health Requires Healthy Food" - Roger Williams To achieve my vegan lifestyle, I have practiced an abundance of inspiring and interesting habits to constantly keep my spirit high. Sharing to you one of my favourite practice, I get into after my usual cheating days. (especially family gatherings and mother’s food) which helps me to get … Continue reading 3-Day Smoothie Challenge