Manifest Your Highest Power

Manifest Your Highest Power “The electrochemical organ in you that’s your brain is phenomenal and an amazing gift that god has given you”. This was my first highest realisation when my life was transforming to take a mindful journey. To take it from where it started for me, definitely the moments of uncertainty, stress, heartbreak, … Continue reading Manifest Your Highest Power

Crossing Borders to Kalamata, Greece

Hi, welcome to my blog, if you share the similar travel passion you will find this interesting, my journey to places are always a combination of studies and travel exploration. I will take you to 2019 to Share my study travel journey to Kalamata, Greece. In 2018, I spend 3 months in Geneva, Switzerland and … Continue reading Crossing Borders to Kalamata, Greece


Most successful people started with nothing or they took the first step somewhere to move forward.  They achieved greater heights because they started where they are, used what they have, did what they can and looked for opportunities. What could be the difference between a successful person and a person who regrets that he did … Continue reading STRATEGIES OVER EXCUSES

10 Daily Habits to Attain Inner Peace

Ask how well you are within? The most important reflection you may want to do for yourself. Are these elements controlling you? Emptiness Sadness Fear Depression Anxiety Past Self-doubt Obsession Stress Seeking for perfection Failing repeatedly Constantly seeking for attention Constantly seeking for approval How can you help yourself? Inner peace means staying calm and … Continue reading 10 Daily Habits to Attain Inner Peace

Dubai Travel Experience #iamhere

Dubai was love at first sight for me. I visited Dubai in 2017.Twice in that year. I was fascinated about the camels, desert, belly-dancing, jeep safari, beach, sightseeing and food. Work brought me there, I completed the ABA Training by Ms Meera from Behaviour Enrichment with the KHDA Attestation from government of Dubai. Friends were … Continue reading Dubai Travel Experience #iamhere