Tools for Your Attainable Goals

  For the past few years, I have spent most of my time reading and listening to personal development videos, books and blogs. I have become driven to live my passion and bring the best out of myself. I focused on my personal development and entrepreneurial dreams. The resources that I have gathered was the … Continue reading Tools for Your Attainable Goals

Dubai Travel Experience #iamhere

Dubai was love at first sight for me. I visited Dubai in 2017.Twice in that year. I was fascinated about the camels, desert, belly-dancing, jeep safari, beach, sightseeing and food. Work brought me there, I completed the ABA Training by Ms Meera from Behaviour Enrichment with the KHDA Attestation from government of Dubai. Friends were … Continue reading Dubai Travel Experience #iamhere

Scheduling Daily Task: A superpower in your hand

You are your choices. Your daily choices shape your life. Your habits eventually become your lifestyle. Writing what needs to be accomplished on a daily basis leads to a reinforcing outcome. Sporadic habits and procrastination are cards for mediocre players. If you want quantifiable impact, your habits, lifestyle and choices need to be great. Successful … Continue reading Scheduling Daily Task: A superpower in your hand

Activities To Do On A Long-Haul Flight

  To enjoy the flying experience, I have my flight essential activities to keep me occupied. Everyone has their individual entertainment needs, mine is as below. Usually sleeping is nearly impossible for me and I have tolerance of maximum 2 movies on a long hour flight.  I discovered a scheduled air time plan makes my … Continue reading Activities To Do On A Long-Haul Flight

3-Day Smoothie Challenge

"Health Requires Healthy Food" - Roger Williams To achieve my vegan lifestyle, I have practiced an abundance of inspiring and interesting habits to constantly keep my spirit high. Sharing to you one of my favourite practice, I get into after my usual cheating days. (especially family gatherings and mother’s food) which helps me to get … Continue reading 3-Day Smoothie Challenge